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“If Wealth is lost, Nothing is lost. If Health is lost, Something is lost.”

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Three Tips That Practically Ensure Your Success

Don't worry. You will quit smoking. No big deal. I will make it super-easy for you. How can I be so confident that you will stop smoking?

Because I quit cigarettes eight months ago, after smoking for 22 years! After failing five times and spending over $800 on useless "Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life" programs, I never thought I could. But, I DID. Considering myself a very "weak-willed" person, I thought I had NO self-control. But then, after a lot of reading and researching, I put into practice the tips given below and surprise - they worked. And, they WILL work for you, too. I have put together a free program to quit smoking based on my experience and those of other friend smokers (who have since quit). It is a natural program put together in the form of a "Quit Smoking Program Guide" available to you free. I want to help you quit and stay so. I ask for nothing in return except emailing this page link (right click and select "Send Page...") to other smoker friends you know so they can consider quitting smoking.

Quick Introduction

Have you heard the adage, "Winners never quit. Quitters never win"? There is an exception to this rule - Smokers Who Quit ALWAYS Win.

Why Is It Hard to Quit?

Only because we have done it for so long, day in and day out. In Physics, they would call it "momentum." You can try to block a rolling stone near the top of a hill but not halfway downhill! What I will help you do is reduce your "smoking momentum" by introducing resistance.

Solution: Think Differently

Do you know that when you stop smoking, it is not the nicotine you are quitting? It is really the habit you are breaking. Quitting smoking is just as hard as quitting, say, the habit of chewing fingernails. It is not so much the addictive nature of the act as how long you have been doing it that hinders your ability to quit the habit.

Chewing fingernails is not nearly as bad as ingesting over 1000 poisonous chemicals into your body. But, the point is, you need to start seeing that you are quitting the HABIT of smoking, not quitting cigarettes per se (please read that again). I quit successfully by breaking the habit. The best part with this way of thinking (and this program) is that you DO NOT have to "make it happen" but simply "let it happen."

Now, here is the FREE Quit Smoking Program
(including Three "Must Do" Tips)

You can continue to smoke while you act on these tips. The common effect of putting these three tips into practice: You will start de-linking your mind from the cigarette (that is, "introduce resistance to your smoking"). Tip #3 (what I call Platinum tip) will have many other salubrious effects (in addition to the intended one). So, ready to quit? Before you read further, please take a moment and tell us who you are. We'll send you by email the whole article that you can print ("printer-version" is also available on the next page). Make sure you set your spam filter to accept emails from "" domain. Otherwise you won't see my mails!

One more thing: I put a lot of my energy into helping you. So, please provide correct email address. Nothing is more disappointing than getting back my sincerely written email because of a bad email address.


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