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Money Saving Tips

10 Tips To Save on Gasoline

The average price for a gallon of gas in America is now (Jun 05) over $2.20. Prices are predicted to climb even higher in the summer driving season. Here are a few tips to help you save some extra cash at the gas station.

  • Shop Non-Brand Name Gas Stations: Some non-brand name gas stations use the exact same product as the brand names. Save a few cents every gallon getting the same stuff.

  • Use the Right Grade of Gasoline: Some people believe premium grade gas is the best for cars. That's a myth. Read your car manual to see what's recommended by the manufacturer (many times they recommend regular grade.) Use the lowest grade recommended.

  • Don't Top Off: Many studies have shown that the "top off" usually remains in the hose or is lost to evaporation. Don't bother!

  • Avoid Sudden Stop and Go: Driving less aggressively WILL save you money. Rapid acceleration and braking burns more fuel and is harder on your vehicle. Using cruise control is the most efficient for gas mileage.

  • Tire Pressure: Driving on tires that are not fully inflated can cost you 10% or more in lost gas. Check your pressure once a month.

  • Don't Drive a Gas Guzzler: Now that high gas prices appear to be here for a long time, consider trading in that SUV for a more fuel efficient vehicle. Hybrid engine vehicles are going to be the next big thing for the automobile.

  • Consider Carpooling or Using Public Transportation: Splitting gas among a couple of coworkers/students/friends is a great way to save money. Helps cut down on gas use, too.

  • Fill Up in the Morning: Gasoline is just like any other gas- it expands in the heat. You can save a few cents just by filling up during the cooler temperature in the morning.

  • Keep Your Engine Tuned: Poorly tuned cars have knocks which burn fuel inefficiently. This can cost you 10-20% more fuel. Check your vehicle's maintenance record to see if your up to date.

  • Find the lowest gas prices in your town.

    On Auto Insurance

    I live in Northern Calif. where insurance is expensive. After a while of playing "nice boy," I realized the insurance companies don't care about you - they want your money. That is it. After this bulb went on in my head, every time my insurance came up for renewal, I would call the company and ask whether it could reduce my premium. If not, I got busy calling other companies (they don't really care, either). Sometimes, simply asking them to reduce your premium will get the job done. Sometimes, switching does. Don't hesitate to switch.

    I have found 21st Century to be good. Sometimes, Esurance is better. At other times, Mercury can beat the *(^& out of everyone (but they need tons of documentation). Forget others. Remember the rule of thumb, the more advertisements you see from a company, the less you want to go to it!

    So, plain and simple, ASK for a reduction. Caveat: Try to get started at least two weeks before your policy expires.

    How-to Get the Best Deal on the Internet?

    Absolutely don't buy your item at the first site that lists it. Note down the model name/number and open up, or (this is better these days). Type or paste the model name/number and search for it. Now, look for the link on the left that says "Sort By: Price: Low to High, High to low." Then look for sites that offer some of the lowest prices you will ever find online or offline for that item. Next, check the prices for the same item in (register at Ebay, if you have not already). Then, pick the merchant with the best offer.

    For example, I bought a great digital camera new, Canon Powershot A85 at a local Wal-Mart for a closeout price of $180+tax. I did not know whether this was the best deal I could get. Using the above tip, I found the lowest price on to be $188+shipping. Ebay showed me (under Completed listings) a price of $151+$25 = $176. Even though this price was slightly cheaper, I wanted to have the convenience of a 90-day Wal-Mart return policy. So, I kept the camera from Wal-Mart. I am comfortable with the price I paid (just recently, another local store had the same camera for sale at $277+tax). See what I mean?