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Many websites sell you a used car auction listing (usually old) of cars and trucks at public car auctions. Unfortunately, these used car auctions usually are well attended by trigger-happy bidders who either have no idea of the value of the car nor the process (I was a victim once!). At such a car auction, you might (as I did), overpay for a low quality automobile (it did last me 3 years though, Ford Taurus, $1,900). Become an informed person, however, and you will be better prepared to come away with a slick deal. Buying a used car is not hard, but buying a used car cheap is. But, it does not have to be...not with the information below...

Check out these recently ended Infiniti (I love this maker) auctions in the Bay Area (as of October 2012): 

G35 - 2008 37,403 mi $ 7,300
QX56 - 2008 44,563 mi $ 9,300
M35 - 2011 9,479 mi $ 9,500
M35 - 2007 15,339 mi $ 9,000
G35 - 2005 32,403 mi $ 2,600
G35 - 2005 50,991 mi $ 4,900
G35 - 2005 25,190 mi $ 4,500
G35 - 2005 24,530 mi $ 5,300
M45 - 2011 12,594 mi $ 9,000
G35 - 2004 80,153 mi $ 4,600

Look at that 5th entry: A 2005 G35 with about 33K miles for $2,600.  

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Some older auctions are shown below. Be sure to arm yourself with the tips below.
Used Car Auction Listing: Used Audi TT at Cars shown here came from the auction listing company. These were sold  at Calif. auctions.  

2001 Audi TT Quattro Roadster 34,790 miles, SOLD FOR: $1,900

A Little Background

Thousands of Americans, sadly and unfortunately now more than ever, default on their truck and car loans or lease payments. Their new or almost new cars and trucks get repossessed by the financial institutions and auctioned off quickly, because the cost of car storage for the banks is more expensive than their ability to try to make up the lost money (same with police auctions, etc.). Lucky people who have access to direct sources where such quality used cars and trucks are being sold find themselves overwhelmed by dirt cheap used car offers that look unbelievable to the average car buyer. This is real and is being taken advantage of by many car dealers who then mark up these cars and trucks and sell for an easy profit. You can too. If you don't want to sell, no problemo! Drive a bargain!

Used Cars Auctions Listing: BMW
1998 BMW 528i Auto Sedan 70,432 miles, SOLD FOR $1,700

You can save easily - $1,000 - $3,000+ BUT do a little homework first. Shoot from the hip, you lose, like me :-( 

So why doesn't everyone buy a used car this way? Why do they buy at a dealer or check the Sunday classifieds? Because this information is a protected source of revenue for the majority of car dealerships and so is not advertised to the general public. However, a few companies have gathered enough information and access rights to be able to let their members access a multitude of the direct sources where one finds the next car or truck for up to 90% savings off the book value. And they will charge a small one-time access fee.

Car Auctions Listing: BMW 745i
2004 BMW 745i Sedan 6,210 miles, SOLD FOR: $7,200

Watch out! Buyer's Premium, usually 5-10% is added on top of your bid.

Dealers would scoff at you should they see you bidding against them at these used car auctions. Don't let them. Find the car you want (at the auto auction), research book values. Set your budget. Locate nearby car auctions (from the sources given below) and off you go. Also check out government auctions (several websites listed here).

Auto Auctions Listing: BMW 528i
1999 BMW 528i Auto Sedan 53,000 miles, SOLD FOR: $900 (!)

Search Auction Listings By Zip Code
On the site that loads, Type your zip code in the field next to "Search Your Car".

So, how are these traditional auctions conducted? See car auction tips for details. Typically, you would arrive at your local-area repossessed car auction early in the morning and inspect the used cars on the lot that are up for sale that day. Usually, many cars would have an opening bid from only $100 and if there are a limited number of attendees that day (and we have so many sources that it's virtually guaranteed that you will have almost no other bidders) then you are highly likely to get the used car or truck you want for a ridiculously low price when the actual bidding starts later that day!

Automobile Auction Listing: Dodge Caravan
2002 Dodge Grand Caravan SPORT Minivan 32,360 miles, SOLD FOR: $1,900

Make sure to ask for Extended Warranty. Also ask for Vehicle History if they have it.

A surprising thing is that most of these auctions offer extended warranties on the used cars you buy, of course, for a small fee. But, in general, it's never a problem since many used cars and trucks are a few years old and in very good condition.

How do you know whether the car you are about to buy is not a lemon? Your state's anti-lemon laws protect you from that. Please be sure to ask at the auction before you bid. Additionally, the auction listing company we have found for auction listings offers a complimentary CarFax™ VIN report before you start bidding for your peace of mind. In case you don't know, a Carfax report tells you the history of the car (how many accidents, whether flooded, etc.) and is a must these days before you buy any vehicle.

Used Truck Auction Listing: Dodge Ram Truck
2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck 2WD Quad 35,683 miles, SOLD FOR: $2,800

Getting an extended warranty can only help. Ask to see the exclusions list first.

There are no hidden fees except standard fees such as title and registration. Luxury tax is not required since it will have already been paid for by the first owner on the used car you buy. Of course, there is Buyer's Premium.

Used Trucks Auction Listing: Dodge Ram
2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 4x4 Quad 28,617 miles, SOLD FOR: $3,100

Used Trucks or Used Cars: Bargains for the one who knows how to get them.

So, are you ready to find your dream car for a bargain?

What To Do

Now that you are better informed than most people who attend the auctions, you need to get access to legitimate car auction listings of cheap used cars, used trucks, government property, real estate foreclosures, and a whole lot more. There are three or four good value-for-money companies; most others are either scams or knock-offs. One of the good ones is listed below ($40 one-time fee, others trick you with $1 trial (for 3 days or so) and charge every month, not this vendor). Good Luck!

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It is almost unbelievable that such good deals can still be had. But, if you don't check it out, it will be only your loss, and certainly someone else's gain!