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Is Willpower for Real?

Don't Think So. It Is A Myth. Here Is Why.

Note: Even though this article uses smoking habit as an obstacle to overcome, you can overcome any obstacle in your life by using the underlying principle.

Over the past 14 years, I have avidly read (and observed) a few topics in psychology, one of which is "willpower."

Hypnosis posits that there are two parts to our minds – the conscious and the subconscious (also called unconscious, other-than-conscious, etc., not to be confused with superconscious or inner self).

Conscious minds help us lead our waking lives and remember bits of information, etc. Subconscious minds, on the other hand, which is "sub" (under) our awareness, influence our decisions - the "why" of things we do. Make no mistake - it is the real driver. Note, we are not consciously aware of the contents of our subconscious mind, which is complete with EVERY impression we have EVER received through our five senses and our sixth sense. For example, can you remember what you did on March 14th, 1987, at 2:30 P.M.? Most of us cannot. But, your subconscious mind, I bet, can.

Now, this subconscious mind also reasons, although a little strangely. Here is an example: Say, you used to avoid a blonde girl who used to bully you when you were 5. Therefore, even 15 years later, you still avoid all blonde girls because you get a queasy feeling in your stomach whenever you are near one. This is your subconscious mind in action.

It contains a collection of beliefs resulting from all good and bad experiences you have ever had in your life thus far. It is usually hard for us to consciously determine which (subconscious) belief of ours influenced our conscious action. But, we can use a little bit of logic to get an idea about our belief. For example, if we continue to smoke, then obviously our subconscious mind is okay with smoking. In other words, it does not yet believe that smoking can kill it.

To get back on track here, there are a lot of beliefs you harbor in your subconscious mind that make you do certain things (say, smoke cigarettes, or react negatively to school teachers, etc.). Unless you become aware of them and take steps to rectify (which is a wholly doable different matter), no matter how hard you try to change yourself (consciously using your "willpower"), you will not succeed because the subconscious mind is the more powerful of the two, and it always wins. Remember, it is the driver of the bus. No exceptions to this rule.

Therefore, you need to get agreement from your subconscious FIRST on any matter of interest before you can successfully make a behavioral change in yourself. Conversely, if you succeed in changing an aspect of yourself, that means your subconscious mind was in agreement.

Our free quit smoking program is designed to gradually let your subconscious mind know that smoking is a deadly habit which eventually is not in its interest. Once it believes this to be true, start celebrating because the job will be done before it was even begun!

To summarize, you need "bicameral resonance" (both chambers of your mind), a term used by modern practitioners of hypnosis, to succeed. No matter how much "willpower" you exert, you will eventually be at the mercy of your subconscious. Think about all the times you were so determined to do something, and yet failed, despite your "willpower." How else can you explain your failure?

In my dictionary, "willpower" means "subconscious control of my behavior." So, to develop the "willpower" to succeed at anything, I need to first influence my subconscious mind.

The best way is through affirmations using software 10 min/day. How easy can it get?

The next best way is to create a CD (or tape) of your own using the right language (research shows that the subconscious responds only to certain type of language) and listen to it every night and morning for a few minutes. I am writing an article on how to do so which will include not only language pointers but also must-have tools and techniques. I will post it here when I get done writing it.

For now, if you don't want the hassle of creating one yourself, you can find a great hypnotherapist, buy one of his/her CDs and listen to it for at least three weeks to "reprogram your subconscious." I have found one who provides excellent products and service and money back if you ask. Many famous celebrities vouch for the efficacy of his products. You can visit his website here.