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“If Wealth is lost, Nothing is lost. If Health is lost, Something is lost.”

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Two Biggest Men "Killers"

Interestingly, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that men are the "weaker sex!!!" Surprise! In what way, though? Mortality rate for men is at 74.5 years; for women at 79.9 years (based on 2002 data). Essentially, a woman might outlive her man.

Do you know the two biggest men killers (healthwise)? Heart disease and cancer. And in cancers, the three most prevalent ones are
1. lung (common to women too)
2. prostate and
3. colorectal, the last two of which are linked with a high-fat diet.

Here are a few things that a famous clinic in the USA recommends that men follow:

Precautions for preventing heart disease:

Don't smoke or use other tobacco products.
Eat a varied diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat foods.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
Keep your cholesterol levels in normal ranges.
Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes.
Control your blood pressure.
Talk to your doctor about a low daily dose of aspirin.

Precautions for preventing cancer:

All of the above plus

Limit your exposure to sun and use sunscreen.
Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all.
Be aware of potential cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) in your home and workplace, and take steps to reduce your exposure to these substances.
Have regular preventive health screenings.
Know your family medical history and review it with your doctor

Please see the link to Alternative medicine for intriguing links to cancer and possible treatments.