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“If Wealth is lost, Nothing is lost. If Health is lost, Something is lost.”

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Alternative? To what?

The universal answer seems to be: Alternative to modern allopathic medicine. Penned below are a few thoughts of my own on this huge subject combined with my experience and research.

Scores of "medical" systems fall under the Alternative Medicine banner. On top of the list are the ancient Indian Ayurveda (herbal), Homeopathy and Chiropractic. Note that the word "alternative" implies equal efficacy. But, are these really effective? Yes. Anecdotally and from my experience. But, it si common knowledge that results vary with each individual.

Bad melons in each system give it a bad name. The system may well be effective, but its practitioners may not be.

One thing about modern medicine, it has got some very effective methods for accurate diagnoses. A funny thing happened recently. I met a paractitioner of Tibetan medicine (a form of ayurveda, Tibetans might disagree with this classification), who told me that he would be better able to prescribe his medicine if I were to show him the diagnoses from modern methods (blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, etc.)!

You cannot do away with what modern medicine has come up in the form of tests, scans, and related procedures. Yes, dishonest establishments will make you undergo all sorts of tests becuase your insurance is paying for it, but in the end they might most probably end up with an accurate diagnosis.ER (emergency room) has no equivalent in the "alternative medicine" world. If you get into an accident (God forbid), your first stop WILL/SHOULD be the Emergency Room in a modern hospital, not at an Ayurvedic doctor's.

Now, that said, if someone were diagnosed with cancer, I feel that this patient should also consider what alternative systems of medicine might have to say about this condition. There are some protocols that might help you greatly should you consider implementing them. One I know of was painfully created by a Dr. William Kelley. Another is suggested by a Dr. Robert Beck (not a medical doctor, but a bio-physicist with a doctorate in Physics). Do these protocols work? I do not know. But there is evidence that you should not dismiss these systems. Every system has its proponents and opponents. But to determine whether it is for you, only one person can tell --- YOU. Try them, they might work. If someone were diagnosed with cancer or AIDS, that someone owes it to himself or herself to examine the different treatments available and make a decision. Dont think that the modern methods of treating cancer (chemo, radiation or surgery) will necessarily work (statistically, it is reported that the cancer patients have a 5% chance of survival using these methods). Does the patient have a higher survival chance with the other methods? I don't know. Neither do you. BUT TRY THEM. It is your life. Once the allopathic doctor gives you a bad prognosis, you have very little to lose by trying "alternative" methods.

There are a lot more thoughts in my m
ind competing for web space, but I will reserve them so that I can coherently present them to you later. Until then, here are a few links that might show you the ""tao" (way) of things.

1. A documented protocol to treating cancer -- Dr. William Donald Kelley
2. Is HIV/AIDS/Cancer curable? -- Video by Dr. Bob (Robert) Beck -- Make sure you have a broadband connection
3. Another documented protocol to treating cancer -- Alkalize For

You'll notice that there is one common thread in the content at these links. They all point a finger at "organized medicine" for engaging in a big profiteering racket. Is this true? Only two people know, and it certainly is the not the lay reader like you or me. The government reports that a cancer patient ends up spending approx $370,000 in his/her lifetime on cancer treatment. So, if this patient were to be cured, there are a lot of institutions and people who will lose out on the money.

So, consider alternatives. Be open-minded. Godspeed and good luck.