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"Success: willing to do what
the average person isn't." Anonymous

Tips for Success

Personal, Business and Financial Success. If you had all of those, would you be reading this!? Find out below how you can help yourself attain all of these.

Everybody I know wants Success. It seems to be the most unfulfilled desire of mankind. How sad! It does not have to be.

To succeed, you need a few things:

1. A burning interest to succeed (to paraphrase Napoleon Hill)
2. Careful preparation in some area - skillset, knowledge, astuteness, whatever. Something that you are really good at (if you are still not good at something, PLEASE become good at something).
3. Application of that skillset towards a related goal.

Did I say goal? Of course I did. If you do not have a goal, then you have nothing. It is like an archer who does not have a target. Your energy is being dissipated. So, first, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT FROM LIFE.

Then, matters become simple. Apply yourself. Period.

Let me elaborate. We all want to succeed. But, if you do not apply yourself to your goal consistently, then your energy gets dispersed. On Monday, you want to find your ideal life partner. On Tuesday, you want a million dollars. On Wednesday, you want your boss fired. Give yourself a break, man! FOCUS.

Yes, you want all those things. I understand. But, pick only ONE now. Not all. Once you accomplish goal one, pick the next one. Remember, the Universe gives you what you ask for. But, please be sincere in your wants. Don't ask for your neighbor's destruction.

Can something be had for nothing? Should you sweat, huff and puff for what you want? NO. There is "something for nothing" except you got to understand that what appears to be something for nothing is really "something for something."

Let me explain. People talk about goal setting, and working towards it. Some people, I am sure, you know, seem like people who get something for nothing. But, pay attention. They have been constantly and consistently thinking about it. Make no mistake. Modern physics will tell you that thoughts are energy forms. That man would have thought about his goal so much that the energy he spent will be no less than someone who huffs and puffs his way thorugh to his goal. So, yes, something can be had for "nothing."

Now how do you bring consistency into your life? From my experience, all you got to do, is to say yes, when your mind says no! If your mind throws up an excuse to avouid going to the gym, go anyway. If your mind tells you to stop doing something that will bring you closer to the goal, don't. Just do it (good old Nike!).

Here are a few articles that will get you closer to your goal than you have EVER BEEN. DO NOT GIVE UP. It is not that hard. Come on, man, you were born here with a purpose. You chose to come here. Don't be a fool. Read on and ACT. Find out that one critical success factor most people are unaware of, that one and only success principle that you need despite your desire.

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